“An immensely enjoyable casual game full of addictive and creative puzzles, beautiful illustrations, and an exciting storyline.”

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In this adventurous romance, you and your love Hari have escaped pursuers in China and arrived home in California – only to discover that your enemies are a step ahead. Outwit the villains and break the evil curse inflicted upon Hari while finding your best friend who may be killed because of you!
  • Packed with hidden objects, and more than 40 brain teasers, word games and puzzle activities
  • Gorgeous hand-drawn art
  • Game developed in collaboration with best-selling author Marjorie M. Liu
  • Custom-scored, cinematic cut scenes
  • Highly accessible to new players, yet challenging for seasoned gamers!
  • Optional integrated hint system throughout game
  • Expert mode for additional challenging game-play
  • Behind the scenes content available exclusively through passionfruitgames.com
Dela (short for “Delilah”) comes from a family of psi-talented individuals. Her grandparents founded an agency, Dirk & Steele, whose mission is to discover others with psi powers and provide them with a meaningful outlet for their gifts. Dela never really thought much of her own abilities, which pale in comparison to others in the agency – after all, one of her parents is completely “normal.” But she has always enjoyed her special affinity for metal. Dela is a master blacksmith
Hari is a shape-shifter who was born more than two thousand years ago, trapped inside a riddle box for two millenia by an evil and powerful Magi. He emerges into the modern world as one of the last of his kind – shape-shifters are rare, but tiger shape-shifters are virtually unknown today. To add to his unique characteristics, Hari stands 7 feet tall and is built like a tank. The curse inflicted on him by the Magi has left him a slave to whomever purchases and opens the riddle box. Hari has been forced to fight as a warrior for countless masters. Each master eventually dies, but Hari remains immortal, confined to the box in a deep slumber, waiting for the box to be opened once again by a new cruel, relentless master… until the box falls into the hands of a woman named Delilah Reese.
Long Nu
Long Nu is a mysterious old woman that Dela meets at a dirt market in Beijing, China. The woman inexplicably sells Dela a beautiful and ancient riddle box for just 1 yuan – and then she disappears. Dela soon discovers that there are others who are desperate to gain possession of the box, and she must find the old woman soon to comprehend the history and secrets behind it.
The Magi
The Magi is one of the most powerful beings who ever roamed the earth, and unfortunately, also one of the most evil. After a member of Hari’s family did not give the Magi what he desired, he cast a powerful curse on Hari – just how powerful, even the Magi did not realize.
Kitala Bell
This world-class fiddler is known as "Kit" to those closest to her. She is also Dela’s best friend and roommate. Kit is fiercely protective of the people she lets into her life, but some of the troubles following Dela will put her loyalty to the test.
Man With A Vengeance
Someone hired assassins to murder Dela in China and it appears that he has followed her to the United States. Who could possibly want Dela dead and why? Is he also after the Riddle Box??
PC Download:

Windows XP/Vista/7
Intel Pentium III 1.4 GHz or higher
512 MB RAM
600 MB hard drive space
Mac Download:

Mac OS X - 10.6 or higher
1.0 GHz Intel processor
512 MB RAM
600 MB hard drive space
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